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Christina Guido-Therapist

About Me

I would like to thank you for visiting Therapeutic Resolutions. My name is Christina Guido and I have been a Therapist since 2002. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Administration of Justice. I then decided to continue my education with Argosy University, graduating with a Master Degree in Forensic Psychology. I have worked in several different types of environments including Juvenile Detention Centers, Residential Treatment Facilities, Schools, Homes, Community, and Office setting. Over the years I have found that individuals have reached out to me through different forms of communication such as face-to-face, phone calls, instant messenger, emails, text messaging, and video conferencing. I believe that each individual has their own preference of transformation through Counseling and would like to expand in accommodating individuals to chose a method that best fits their needs. The areas of focus include, but not limited to Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Parenting, Grief and Loss, School and Career/Work adjustment concerns, Relationship difficulties-including marital and family difficulties, Learning and skill deficits, Stress management and coping with negative life events, Organizational Problems, Dealing with and adjusting to physical disabilities, disease, or injury, Personal/Social Adjustment, identity development, and persistent difficulties with relating to other people in general.   

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Population Served

Clients served include individuals, groups(including couples and families), and organizations.  Services will be provided to all age ranges from children to adults with the areas of focus including children with behavioral problems; late adolescents with educational and career concerns or substance abuse problems; Parenting skills; Grief and Loss; anger management; adults facing marital or family difficulties, career change, or overcoming disabilities; older adults facing retirement. 

The goal is to provide confidential counseling services through convenient methods of communication to meet needs of clients.    

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